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PATRIOT / MASS CHAPTER BI MONDAY MEMO 9/15/14Once again a welcome to the new BI members who are now receiving the Monday Memo in CT, RI and VT.

And a big thank you to the Mid State Investment Club which hosted Yankee Chapter President Ira Haas and me last Wednesday at the Clinton CT Country Club. We had a great time. They have been in operation a long time and are all BI members.

Ira will be joining the Board of the merged Yankee and Mass Chapter which will be named the Patriot Chapter as of Oct 1.

Also the Patriot Chapter would like to welcome a new club. The Mass High Flyers Online Investment club has formed in northeastern MA with the intention of taking advantage of investing opportunities accompanying the tremendous explosion of innovative companies in New England especially those centered inside of Rte. 495. The Club members understand that most of these companies carry a greater risk than normal but also provide for a greater than normal reward if successful.

This edition is probably a good opportunity to review for the MA members and introduce member in the other states to some of the projects and activities which we are promoting in the Patriot Chapter. Below you will find a brief description of them but here is a quick list of the main initiatives we believe will interest members.

Model Clubs -Library Project – Parent (Grandparent) / Child (Grandchild) Online Investment Club – Family Investment Clubs.

So let’s take a look at these in more detail.


With the new merged Patriot Chapter we will have two Model Clubs operating. In MA we have the Mass Chapter Model Club which meets at the St. Michael’s Parish Center in Bedford. The Club has 10 members. It meets on the THIRD THURSDAY of the month at 700p. (Next: Sept 18 following the Chapter Annual Meeting.)

In addition we also have an online Model Club which meets on the SECOND SATURDAY AT 1100 AM. This is presently run by Yankee Chapter President Ira Haas. After the merger both will be under the Patriot Chapter banner. Both clubs are presently seeking members. If interested, please contact me at


Chapter VP Ernie Felzani is offering to present a program on how to use the Value Line resource to which most libraries subscribe. We already have Andover MA signed up. At the moment this presentation is only available in MA, RI and east and central CT.

In addition, Jim Connell a member of the Mass Chapter Model Club is willing to present a talk focusing on books dealing with investment. So we have two potential free programs to offer to libraries. Presently this is being offered in the northeast section of MA.

What we have is found to be effective is having a local resident approach the library rather than the Chapter. So we are requesting help from members who would be willing to contact their local libraries and offer them the opportunity of having the Chapter make a free presentation. Before contacting your library, please notify us so we can provide you an introductory letter which stresses that the offer is coming from a local resident and the nonprofit nature of BI.


Many of our members have repeatedly expressed a concern that their children and grandchildren are not acquiring financial literacy. In order to respond to this need the Chapter has adopted a unique approach to promoting financial literacy. We have decided to organize an online investment club involving parents and their children or grandparents and their grandchildren. The focus will be on stocks which are familiar to the younger generation. The target audience is young people from 6th grade through high school graduation.

The meetings will be conducted online employing the well-known and secure Go to Meeting conference software. Other than clicking on an emailed link and showing up at the appointed time, no other technical ability is needed. It’s pretty simple. It’s a great way for snowbirds to “visit” with their grandchildren and to foster financial literacy in them.

Our slogan is:

“Share the Power of Financial Literacy with the Next Generation”


Another idea to promoting financial literacy is to form a family investment club. Not only does it provide an opportunity to acquaint your family with good financial practices but also helps to maintain contact with family members who may be scattered around the country.

So we hope you find one of the ideas interesting to you. If so, please contact me.

Please remember that while you are a BI member, not all members of your club may be (and so would not be receiving the Monday Memos). So we strongly encourage you to share Monday Memos with all the members of your Club regardless of BI membership or not.

That’s it for this edition. The next Memo will be published on Monday Sept. 29.

Paul Graveline

President Mass / Patriot Chapter BetterInvesting



Paul Graveline President

Ernie Felzani Vice President (temporarily route emails through

Member Contact Line: 508-337-2970 (You can use this number to cast your election ballot.)

Upcoming Chapter events:


9/18/14 Annual Chapter Meeting Bedford 700p. Election of Directors and Officers. (Held in conjunction with the Mass Chapter Model Club meeting listed below.)

9/18/14 Mass Chapter Model Club Bedford

9/29/14 Club Visit: Refuse to Lose Investment Club Boston MA

10/7/14 Club Visit: Down Hill Investment Club Johnson VT

10/8/14 Club Visit: The Fortune Group Williston VT

10/9/14 Club Visit: Hidden Assets Investment Club Newburyport MA (Portfolio Review)

TBD Club Visit: Ladies of the Season Investment Club (Portfolio Review)


Clubs looking for new members:

Mass Chapter Model Club Third Thursday Bedford 700p Next 9/18, 10/16

Yankee Chapter Model Club Second Saturday 1100a-1230p ONLINE ONLY CLUB Ira Haas at (Anyone is welcome to attend even if they don’t have an interest in joining. This Model Club will be part of the new Patriot Chapter starting in October but it is open to anyone now.) Next 10/11.

Sea Notes Investment Club Yarmouthport firehouse Margaret


Details at

Date Day Time (Eastern) Fee Class Name

9/18/2014 Thurs 8:30 PM No TickerTalk - New

9/23/2014 Tues 8:30 PM No Volunteer Training

9/25/2014 Thurs 3:00 PM No Volunteer Training

9/25/2014 Thurs 8:30 PM No CoreSSG Tutorial – New

10/1/2014 Wed 8:30 PM No StockUp Series - New


See the Monday Memo above for the latest Mass Chapter events.

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