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BetterInvesting's New York Chapter serves all of New York State.

The New York Chapter provides support services to investment clubs, individual BetterInvesting members, and others interested in investment education throughout the area.

Getting the Latest Updates on NY Chapter Classes and Meetings:

Do you want an easy way to know what meetings and events the New York chapter has coming up? One of the easiest ways to find this information is to look at the home page as soon as you login to the BetterInvesting website as a member. There it is - right under the blue bar marked "Events".

But wait a minute. How come it says "No events in this chapter"? There is a simple explanation. When someone sets up an account on the website there is an associated profile. In the profile, the default selection for "Chapter" is "[Use Zip Code]". Unfortunately, when the selected chapter is "[Use ZipCode]", the website doesn't list your chapter's events.

There is a simple fix.  If you want upcoming chapter events to show up, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Login to the website as a member
  2. On the gray bar at the top of the page, right after where it says "Welcome" followed by your  name, click on "Update Profile"
  3. Under "Change Profile Information" use the drop down box for the last item in the section and select your correct chapter
  4. Click the "Save Changes" button

You should see "You have successfully updated your account info."

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The New York Chapter meetings take place on the third Monday of the month except August.  And
announced by interspire e-mail.

Currently our monthly meetings are held via webinar in cyberspace!

Event: Annual meeting, election of directors and recognition of milestone anniversary investment clubs.

Date: Thursday, June 14, 2018, 5:30pm
Location: New York Public Library
Science, Business and Industry Library (SIBL)
188 Madison Avenue (34th Street and Madison Ave.)
New York, NY 10016

To attend in person register at: BINYChapter@gmail.com

To participate via webinar click the link:




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