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Patriot BI CHAPTER MONDAY MEMO 8/18/14 WELCOME TO BI MEMBERS IN VERMONT A special welcome to our new BI readers in Vermont. After discussions last month with BI Volunteer Board Chair, Gretchen Hurt, it was decided to include Vermont BI members in the distribution of the Monday Memos. BI services have been severely depleted in Vermont for a while and this action is an attempt to reconnect them to the wider BI community. CHAPTER MERGER As was mentioned in the last Monday Memo, the Mass Chapter is in the process of merging with the Yankee Chapter which currently serves Rhode Island and Connecticut. We anticipate the merger will be effective around October 1. There will be an election in September and it is expected that three new members will be joining the Board of a newly renamed Patriot Chapter. Here is the timetable of events: 23 AUGUST 1200N Mass Chapter Board meeting in Wellesley. The three nominated new Board members are expected to be present. Ira Haas presently President of the Yankee Chapter will be one of the nominees for election for the new Patriot Chapter. This meeting will officially be a planning meeting for the coming year which begins on October 1. 25 AUGUST a notice of election will be sent to members of the present Mass Chapter. If you do not get this message, please contact me. 18 SEPTEMBER 700p the Annual Meeting of the Mass Chapter will take place in Bedford Ma. The election of Board members will take place followed by the election of officers of the new Patriot Chapter. 1 OCTOBER The Board and officers of the Patriot Chapter will assume office. So you will be receiving information around AUGUST 25 on how to vote for the new Board members. You are invited to attend the Annual Meeting in Bedford Mass on September 18. Notification of election results will be sent the next day. So this is a busy yet exciting time for the last days of the Mass Chapter. LIBRARY PROJECT UPDATE Chapter VP Ernie Felzani has been contacting local libraries offering to present a program on how to use the Value Line resource to which most libraries subscribe. Ernie has a few hot prospects but the Andover Memorial Hall Library has agreed to host a talk and we are waiting to be assigned a date. In addition, Jim Connell a member of the Mass Chapter Model Club is willing to present a talk focusing on books dealing with investment. So we have two potential programs to offer to libraries. Both programs are fee to the libraries. What we have is found to be effective is having a local resident approach the library rather than the Chapter. So we are requesting help from members who would be willing to contact their local libraries and offer them the opportunity of having the Chapter make a free presentation. Before contacting your library, please notify us so we can provide you with some introductory material which we have found to be effective. It stresses that the offer is coming from a local resident and the nonprofit nature of BI. We have developed an introductory letter which we have found helpful and suggest you use this letter in your initial library contact. The next Monday Memo will be issued on Sept. 1 and will provide an overview of some of the activities which we are now conducting, are interested in starting and what you might expect from the new Patriot Chapter. As always we request that you ensure that all members of your Club get this edition of the Memo. Please pass it along. Paul Graveline President Mass Chapter BetterInvesting ///////////////////////// Paul Graveline President Ernie Felzani Vice President Member Contact Line: 508-337-2730 Upcoming Chapter events: THIRD THURSDAY MASS CHAPTER MODEL CLUB BEDFORD MA. CONTACT: ERNIE FELZANI VICEPRESIDENT@MASS.BETTERINVESTING.NET. Next 9/18, 10/16 8/23/14 Mass Chapter Board Meeting 1200n Wellesley 9/18/14 Annual Chapter Meeting Bedford 700p. Election of Directors and Officers. TBD Club Visit: Ladies of the Season Investment Club (Portfolio Review) TBD Club Visit: Refuse to Lose Investment Club (Portfolio Review) TBD Club Visit: Hidden Assets Investment Club (Portfolio Review) ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// Clubs looking for new members: Mass Chapter Model Club Third Thursday Bedford 700p Ernie Next 5/19 Yankee Chapter Model Club Second Saturday 1100a-1230p ONLINE ONLY CLUB Ira Haas at (Anyone is welcome to attend even if they don’t have an interest in joining. This Model Club will be part of the new Patriot Chapter starting in October but it is open to anyone right now.) Sea Notes Investment Club Yarmouthport firehouse Margaret ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// Details at Date Day Time (Eastern) Fee Class Name 08/19/14 Tues 8:30 PM No Ticker Talk – New (For all you Ticker Talk fans there are some significant changes to the monthly sessions beginning in Sept. We will keep you posted.) 08/26/14 Tues 8:30 PM No Portfolio Reports in SSGPlus -


See the Monday Memo above for the latest Mass Chapter events.

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