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It’s Late Nights With BetterInvesting for Member in Italy

In a Pasta Capital, an Investor Studies the Market for Himself and His Family

 Angele  McQuade Bookmark and Share

BetterInvesting’s online webinars draw enthusiastic members from all over, though none may “travel” as far as 31-year-old Raffaele De Gennaro, who stays up late into the night to partic­ipate from his home in Gragnano, Italy.

I discovered what I call the BI family in 2010 while reading Beating the Street by Peter Lynch,” Raffaele says. “Even though I have a degree in economics, I still study finance to find ways to wisely invest in the stock market.
“I was born in Gragnano, one of the leading producers of pasta in the world. My father, Ivan, is a marble cutter, though I call him an artist. While he never completed high school, he is the one who introduced me to the stock market more than 15 years ago. My mother, Loreta, is a gentle housewife. My sister, Virginia, has tried to follow me in this ­particular adventure, but she prefers painting and writing.
“I have a grandmother (93 years old!) who absolutely does not understand what I do, but she has accepted the idea that sometimes I have to stay connected to the U.S.A. late at night. I also have a dog, a Jack Russell called Milo.
“Claudia, my girlfriend, always says I have too many hobbies! I really, really like reading novels and graphic novels. I am fascinated by movies, music and video games. In February, I met someone I consider a true genius. Hideo Kojima is the mind behind the best-selling ‘Metal Gear Solid’ video-game series, and his passion for movies made it possible for millions of people to play video games that were not only games. Everything I do is very often directly functional to investing. I believe it is important to have as many as possible points of views in the field of investing.”
“I operate on the stock market regularly,” Raffaele continues. “This is my job. I am not an institutional or professional investor, but an individual investor working for myself and my family. My weekly routine consists of reading/­study­ing books, articles, 10Ks, reports and also following webinars. This could seem very ordinary, but here in Italy this is absolutely extraordinary.
“In Italy, people do not know anything about the stock market (or even what a share of a company is or how to plan for their future). Besides meeting Warren Buffett (and Alicia Keys!), my dream is to earn enough to help the people I know to live a better life. Maybe this is too banal, but it is absolutely the truth.
“BetterInvesting has changed the way I invest, and I believe this is the only way to approach the market without being cannibalized by it. I have learned to become a successful investor and all the people I have had contact with are so gentle and available. I have a great debt to all the BI members who have taught me.”

Angele McQuade is the author of two books, including Investment Clubs for Dummies. You can find her online at angelemcquade.com.

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