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Things Going Swimmingly for This Indiana Member

A Few Things You Should Know About…Sue Mueller of Kokomo, Ind.

 Angele  McQuade Bookmark and Share

I’m the aquatics director at the Kokomo Family YMCA in Kokomo, Ind., where I’ve lived for 22 years. I’m in charge of training, hiring and managing the lifeguard staff, swim instructors and water exercise instructors as well as creating all the aquatic programming for our members.

Work is busy, so I love be­ing at home where my favorite ways to relax in­clude napping, cooking, bird feeding and bird watching. I also garden in the spring, summer and fall. I’ve been married for 36 years and have four unique children.
My lifelong dream is a retirement that leads to a fulfilling program of swim lessons! The best book I read last year was Conquer Your Fear of Water by Melon Dash. She created a program called Miracle Swimming, which teaches fearful adults to not be afraid in the water so that they may then learn to swim. I’m hoping to have the funding to take her certi­fication training program in November so that I can offer these classes myself.

I first heard about Better­Invest­ing after joining my investment club WISE (Women Investing for Self Education) 15 or so years ago. What I like most about the organization is the support it offers. Better­Invest­ing started me off on the right foot with the right thinking and helped me understand what investing in the stock market is all about. We’ve had good leaders in our club, and they’ve promoted the articles in the magazine and doing things by the book.

BetterInvesting has great educational tools for our club meetings, and we’ve done well over the years. Win some, lose some…learn a lot in the end. I share the knowledge I’ve learned from BetterInvesting, and I’ve even started a long-distance family club with members from four states!

Angele McQuade is the author of two books, including Investment Clubs for Dummies. You can find her online at angelemcquade.com.

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