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The dreams began in Detroit — 600 miles from Wall Street. Fred Russell dreamed of buying a small business. George Nicholson dreamed of demystifying investing for ordinary Americans like Fred so that they could improve their financial futures. Tom O’Hara dreamed of taking this simple message across the country: Anybody can become a successful investor. All it takes is a small amount of money invested regularly, patience and the determination to follow commonsense investing practices.

These men pursued their dreams through the decades, maintaining an unshakeable faith in simple, sound investing principles that anybody with knowledge of basic math could follow. They persevered through market crashes and recessions, when others said “the game is rigged,” to help others build a strong financial foundation. Tom drove his family from coast to coast, handing out pamphlets from the back of a station wagon and one by one finding others eager to become successful investors.

BetterInvesting was borne out that conviction. Countless thousands of miles and 5 million people later, times have changed but BetterInvesting’s unbiased education hasn’t. Together with our dedicated corps of volunteer educators, we teach investors how to make sense of the huge amount of information that confronts them daily and focus on what really matters. With our live and archived webinars, in-person events, easy-to-use online tools for evaluating a company’s investment potential, monthly magazine and generous community of like-minded investors, you’ll have all you need to take control of your financial security.

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