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The Savage Truth About Money - Personal Finances Beyond the Stock Market
Terry Savage, a nationally recognized expert on personal finance, the economy and the markets, talks about everything from estate planning, life insurance and long-term care to educating your children so that they'll be able to wisely use and continue to grow all the money you intend to leave them!
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Personal Financial Inventory

StockUp - Yes! We Do Sell Stock!
Scott Horsburgh, CFA and president of the investment management firm Provident Investment Management, shares his insight about what goes into the decision to sell a stock. While most of us have defined criteria for purchasing a stock we are less certain about when to sell. There are valid reasons for selling but selling myths also have developed in the BetterInvesting community over time. In this session we examine several scenarios, discuss when selling is appropriate and the impact selling has on the portfolio. Commonly held myths about selling are dispelled and valid reasons for selling are clarified.
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Presentation slides (4 per page; B&W) (PDF)
Presentation slides (1 per page; color) (PDF)

A Guide To Your Member Benefits
Presented on 2/18/2015 by Dennis Genord
This webinar will orient you to the BetterInvesting member website and help you get the most from your membership. We’ll show you how to get started quickly and where to find key education, BetterInvesting’s time honored stock selection tools and investment information resources.
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BetterInvesting Member Benefits

Open House: Come On In and Sample Our Resources
Presented by Kamie Zaracki and Dennis Genord
The BetterInvesting Open House is an open invitation to anyone who wants to learn more about how to take control of their investments using BetterInvesting's unparalleled educational programs, powerful online stock investing tools and in-depth investor information. Here you'll have the opportunity to sample many of our member-only resources at no cost or obligation.
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Presentation slides (3 per page; B&W) (PDF)

Club Treasurer Workshop - Closing the Club's Books at Year-End
Presented by Doug Gerlach
This webinar will get you ready to prepare the club's 2014 tax return.
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Presentation handout 4pp BW (PDF)
Club Audit Checklist (PDF)

Starting an Investment Club Series - Session 1
BetterInvesting investment clubs provide a supportive environment for investors to learn the skill of stock investing. Please join our presenters Carol Theine of the BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board and Ken Kavula of the Mid-Michigan Chapter of BetterInvesting as they present the benefits of starting an investment club, how to get one started and where to find the resources you need to run a successful club.
View Presentation (58 min.)
Starting an Investment Club (PDF)

Starting an Investment Club Series - Session 2
This session of the Starting an Investment Club Series focuses on getting you organized for your first investment club meeting. Presenters Carol Theine and Ken Kavula guide new investment clubs through this important step of the getting started process, direct clubs to valuable resources and present real world examples from which all club members can benefit.
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Starting an Investment Club (PDF)

Great Companies: Past, Present and Future
Presented by Annell Danczyk, CFA, and Eric Vermulm, CFA, Stack Financial Management
Learn what makes a great company, when you should buy it and how risk management is key to the process. In addition to a historical overview, learn about specific, actionable investment ideas that can help bullet-proof your portfolio.
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Stack Financial Management Background (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)

Online Stock Tools Webinars
All of the current online stock tools webinars are posted on the BetterInvesting YouTube channel at  where they can be viewed by those in the BetterInvesting community as well as by those who simply want to learn more about our SSG methodology and products.

We encourage you to share these videos with anyone who might be interested. Also, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel so you are automatically notified of new videos, "liking" the videos (clicking the thumbs up icon), commenting on the videos and sharing them in your personal social media channels.

SSGPlus Tutorial
Presented by Suzi Artzberger
This tutorial includes a demonstration of how to walk through the SSGPlus app to complete a Stock Selection Guide as well as highlights of the newer features.
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More Information on SSGPlus

CoreSSG Stock Analysis Tool Tutorial
Presented on 9/22/2014 by Ann Cuneaz
BetterInvesting’s CoreSSG online application is the perfect tool to help new investors learn the basics of fundamental stock analysis while actively completing a Stock Selection Guide (SSG). See how easy it is to navigate step-by-step through a stock study using the CoreSSG in the tutorial.  Key features are reviewed and demonstrated.
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More information on CoreSSG

Online Tools Tutorial Featuring the Stock Comparison Guide
Presented on 06/2014 by Suzi Artzberger
Learn how to use the Online Stock Comparison Guide and review new features of the Online Stock Selection Guide.
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What’s New in Tools: CoreSSG and SSGPlus
Presented by Suzi Artzberger
This fast-paced class gives an overview of the CoreSGG and SSGPlus highlighting what’s new in each of the tools, how they differ, which tool is right for you and a review of commonly overlooked features.
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Portfolio Tools in CoreSSG and SSGPlus
Presented by Suzi Artzberger
This tutorial demonstrates how to set up new portfolios and edit existing portfolios in the Portfolios and Studies section of the SSGPlus and CoreSSG apps. Portfolio reports available in SSGPlus and CoreSSG, such as the Summary and the Portfolio Review (also known as PERT), which help investors monitor and manage their portfolios, are introduced.
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Presentation Handouts 4pp BW (PDF)
Portfolio Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Using the Portfolio Summary Report (PDF)

Easy Research Using the CoreSSG and SSGPlus Stock Selection Guides
Presented by Suzi Artzberger
Doing the research needed for a stock study is easy using the CoreSSG and SSGPlus Online Stock Selection Guides. Learn how to access popular research websites without leaving the tool, organize the information using the notes feature and more in this Online Tools Tutorial.
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SSGPlus Quickstart (PDF)

Do Not Dump Those Dividends
Presented by Sam Stovall, S&P Capital IQ's Equity Strategist
Want to learn more about how searching for high yields, low volatility and above-average, long-term EPS growth are not mutually exclusive goals? View this special BetterInvesting  webinar where Sam Stovall identifies some higher yielding issues that not only offer lower betas, but also sport track records of raising both earnings and dividends in each of the past 10 years.
Do Not Dump Those Dividends (PDF)
BetterInvesting Introduction (PDF)
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Research and YOUR Stock Selection Guide
This class introduces the student to some standard resources used for investment information. Data collection from some of the resources is demonstrated to provide an overview of how to use the standard resources. An SSG Research Form designed to help guide the student through the research process is presented.
View Presentation (71 min.)
Presentation slides 4pp (PDF)
Stock Research Form (color) (DOC)
Stock Research Form (black and white) (DOC)
Stock Research Form (black and white) (PDF)

Coach Research Materials (PDF)

Judgment and the Stock Selection Guide
This class reviews the material the student should know prior to taking the Adding Judgment Series. The main judgments needed to complete a Stock Selection Guide (SSG) are reviewed, and the effects of the selected forecasts on whether the stock is a buy, hold or sell is examined.
View Presentation (70 min.)
Judgment and the SSG slides 4pp (PDF)

Understanding the Jargon
Presented by Ken Kavula and Ann Cuneaz
Review Recording  (84 min.)

Basic concepts and vocabulary needed to study the Stock Selection Guide are introduced.

Presentation slides color 1pp (PDF)
Presentation slides b/w 4pp (PDF)

Why Invest in Stocks
Presented by Ken Kavula and Ann Cuneaz 
Click here to view a recording of the webinar
Presentation slides 1pp color (PDF)
Presentation slides 4pp b/w (PDF) 

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