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       Investment Club Membership

If you’ve started your investment club or are planning to form an investment club, joining BetterInvesting requires two simple steps: You’ll need to register your investment club with BetterInvesting and enroll your club members in a BetterInvesting Membership.

1. Register your investment club with BetterInvesting. Your investment club dues will be $49.00 per year (required).

Benefits of Club Dues include:

    • Access to commission-free unlimited window trades through Folio Investing ($290 value)

      • One free handbook ($15 value): Titles include Stock Selection Handbook and Investment Club Operations Handbook

        • Support and education from local chapters

          • General liability insurance ($50 value)
            • Reduced-rate access to fidelity bond insurance

              • S&P Quarterly Stock Report ($20 value)

                2.  Identify your investment club members and enroll them in a BetterInvesting membership. Each investment club member can join BetterInvesting at any of the following membership levels:

                    a. Club Basic Membership - $42.00/year

                Membership benefits include:

                •  BetterInvesting Magazine Subscription (print, digital, app)

                •  Access to “member-only” website
                •  Monthly Stock Study Webinars
                •  First Cut Stock Studies
                •  Live and Self-Paced Education includingthe OnDemand Intro to the Stock Selection Guide webinar series 
                •  Getting Started Curriculum
                •  Ticker Talk Webinars
                •  Local Chapter Training & Support
                •  Monthly BetterInvesting Newsletters
                •  Access to National, Regional and Local events
                •  Investment Club Learning
                •  Discounts on subscriptions, products and services
                •  Commission-free stock trades through 2018

                    b. Club Basic Plus Data Service Membership - $93.00/yearMembership benefits include:

                •  All the benefits of Club Basic plus access to BetterInvesting’s stock data service which seamlessly integrates with our online tools and software.

                    c. Club Core Membership - $95.00/year

                •  The Club Core membership is a complete BetterInvesting membership featuring BetterInvesting's online CoreSSG (Stock Selection Guide), Stock Comparison Guide, the Getting Started curriculum, BetterInvesting Magazine, stock data service, access to webinars and other investment education online events, First Cut stock studies, and much more!

                    d. Club Plus Membership - $112.00/year

                •  The Club Plus membership includes all the benefits of the Club Core membership plus BetterInvesting's online SSGPlus (Stock Selection Guide).

                To get started now, download the Investment Club Signup Form, or contact Member Services at 877-275-6242 or email us at service@betterinvesting.org
                For more information and to sample BetterInvesting’s Club Resources and Investment Club Starter Kit, click here.

                While all membership dues support BetterInvesting's vision to build a nation of individual investors, 50%-100% is designated for the BetterInvesting Magazine subscription and no portion should be considered a charitable contribution.


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