What are BetterInvesting chapters?
BetterInvesting provides support and education throughout the country by a network of local chapters. Chapters are operated by experienced member volunteers and offer a variety of programs, seminars, workshops and events for investors of all ages and experience levels.

Many programs are available to the public; some require a modest fee to help defray costs, while others are free. To explore programs available from a local BetterInvesting chapter in your area, click here.


What is a chapter event?
Chapters throughout the country offer ongoing programs, seminars and workshops to members and nonmembers in their local area. Many chapters offer model club meetings, stock study groups or a wide variety of investing courses. To explore programs available from a BetterInvesting chapter in your area, click here.

What is the BetterInvesting National Convention (BINC)?
The National Convention is BetterInvesting's largest premier event attracting long-term investors from across the nation. Held in a different city each year, the four-day convention features nationally known speakers, plus seminars, tours, social events and one of the largest displays of investment information, education and ideas in the country. The events include specialized investment seminars, workshops, corporate roundtable discussions and corporate exhibits and presentations. The convention is an outstanding learning and networking experience for both beginning and experienced investors.  For details on the next BetterInvesting National Convention, click here.

What is a regional event?
A regional event is an investing conference hosted by several chapters and enables the teachers within those chapters to take their programs to a larger audience. It is usually a one-day event that is held in a city within the region of the hosting chapters. The event offers classes and workshops on a variety of topics.  Corporate sponsor presentations and exhibits give participants the opportunity to network with company representatives. Click here to see whether there is a regional event in your area.

Investment Clubs

How do I open a club checking and brokerage account?
Most clubs begin with both a checking and a brokerage account. Some brokerage accounts include check-writing privileges. Consider using your local bank or credit union and a discount or online brokerage firm. Choose the type of broker (full-service, discount or online) that best matches the goals and needs of your club. MyStockFund (online broker) has partnered with BetterInvesting to offer discounted pricing for members.

What are the advantages of an investment club?
A club provides the opportunity for its members to share the load and pool their knowledge to learn more — with less time and effort — than they can on their own. Clubs are an excellent way to stay focused, gain experience and accelerate investment learning. Social interaction with like-minded members also adds an important and enjoyable dimension to the club experience.  New investors find that a club provides a safe and supportive environment to learn the basics of investing, while experienced investors gain an opportunity to sharpen investing skills.

All club members benefit in added buying power through a shared portfolio that enables the club to invest in stocks that an individual may not be able to afford on their own and quickly build a diversified portfolio.

What is an investment club?
A traditional investment club is a small group of individual investors who come together to learn, share investing experiences and help each other become more successful investors. At group meetings, usually held monthly, members pool their investment dollars, review studies of stocks presented by club members and select one or more stocks to buy, based on BetterInvesting's unique investment methodology.

An alternative approach to the traditional club is a self-directed investment club. Just like traditional clubs, self-directed investment clubs meet regularly and share analysis, insight and information in pursuit of investment opportunities. The difference is that after investment decisions are made, club members invest through their own accounts.


What are the benefits of BetterInvesting membership?
BetterInvesting membership benefits include:

• Unlimited use of online stock analysis tools

• Full-time access to Morningstar stock data services

• Online Getting Started curriculum — step-by-step instruction covering BetterInvesting's stock analysis tools

• Subscription to BetterInvesting Magazine (print and online)

• Local chapter support and training

• Access to investment club learning

• Access to member-only website content, including stock-study webcasts, preselected stock candidates, self-guided investing courses, discussion forums and more

• Unlimited trades for qualifying clubs and two commission-free trades for individuals with Folio Investing

• Member discounts on books, tools, software, events and resources

• Discounts at OfficeMax stores nationwide

What is the BetterInvesting refund policy?
BetterInvesting Return Policy:
Membership & Online Tools Subscription:

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your membership and/or online tools subscription, you can cancel at any time. If you cancel within the first 30-day free trial period, your credit card will not be charged and you pay absolutely nothing.  Cancellation requests received after 30 days can be made at any time. There are no refunds or credits for partial subscription periods.  All cancellation requests must be made through Member Services at 877-275-6242 or

Monthly membership and/or online tools subscriptions cancelled and reactivated during any 12-month period are subject to a $50 reactivation fee.

Books & Publications:
All books and publications must be returned or cancelled within 30 days. We will refund the purchase price. Original shipping fees are nonrefundable.

Data Services:
The Stock Data Service is cancelable at anytime. No refunds or credits for partial subscription periods

Unopened software may be returned within 15 days of the date shipped for a full refund (less shipping & handling). Orders returned after 15 days (but within 30 days) of the date shipped will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Return instructions are included on the packaging slip enclosed with your software.

Opened software or software purchased more than 30 days may not be returned.

No refunds are issued for webinars.  Recordings are made available for 1 week after the live event for review by all paid registrants.

What are the BetterInvesting principles?
The BetterInvesting approach is built on four investment principles — a foundation that has withstood the tests of time, market fluctuation and economic change. The four principles are:

• Invest a set amount regularly.

• Reinvest earnings, dividends and profits.

• Invest in quality growth stocks and equity mutual funds.

• Diversify your investments.

How long does it take to process my membership?
Online orders purchased with a credit card receive immediate website access. Orders taken over the phone or received via mail are processed daily and website access is available the same or next day. Please allow ten business days for mail orders.

Online Tools & Data Services

What are the 30-day free trial terms and conditions?
30-Day Free Trial Terms and Conditions

30-day free trial terms and conditions apply only to first-time Membership Package enrollment or upgrades to the Membership Package. You must have a valid credit card to participate. BetterInvesting will begin to bill your credit card for the Membership Package at completion of the free trial unless you cancel prior to the end of the free trial.

Your membership will automatically be renewed on the credit card used for the initial payment. You can cancel at any time.

Cancellation requests must be made through Member Services at 877-275-6242 or No refunds or credits for partial membership/subscription periods.

A monthly Membership Package cancelled and reactivated during any 12-month period will be subject to a $50 reactivation fee. BetterInvesting reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time.


What is BetterInvesting Magazine?
A monthly publication included in all memberships, written by investing and financial experts for investors of all experience levels. It's also available for purchase as a one-, two- or three-year subscription (print format) as well as a digital format (BetterInvesting e-Magazine).

What is the BetterInvesting Magazine online article archive?
A benefit of membership, this online, searchable database includes hundreds of articles from past issues of BetterInvesting Magazine and other sources organized by issue, author and column.