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An investment club is a group of people who come together and pool small amounts of money for investing in stocks on a regular basis, review promising growth companies presented by club members and build a profitable portfolio based on BetterInvesting's unique fundamental investing methodology.




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It's better to invest together! Investment clubs are a safe and supportive way to learn commonsense investing skills with your friends, family or co-workers. Participating in an investment club helps you become more engaged in the investing process and learn by doing. Best of all, it's fun to watch your club's investments grow!


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We have enjoyed following the mission of BetterInvesting to provide sound investment information, education and support to its members to create lifetime investors. At the inception of the club, many of the members were in their early 50s, a time of life to take a very close look at oneʼs financial situation.

We officially became a club in January 1997. We’ve grown a
lot since the beginning. The Stock Selection Guide has been essential in helping us. You have to take emotion out of the equation. Knowing when to sell is as important as knowing when to buy. We own 23 stocks in a portfolio worth around $220,000.

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Standard and Rich Investment Company
Cleveland, Ohio

The Fox Valley Investment Club
Fox River Valley, Wisconsin


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