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BetterInvesting Magazine
Read the online edition of the magazine trusted by informed investors for over 50 years

BetterInvesting Top 100
Learn from other investors. View the stocks most widely held by BetterInvesting members.


Online SSG™
Demo BetterInvesting's proven Stock Selection Guide system for identifying quality growth stocks.

Mutual Fund Suite
An overview of our comprehensive tools to help you find the funds that best meet your investment objectives.


Online Stock Study
Register to attend a live company profile presented by members of the BetterInvesting community.

Educational Webinars
Sample online classes and educational events available for investors at all levels of experience.


First Cut is BetterInvesting's bi-weekly report of company profiles and one of our most valuable member benefits. Created using the proven methodology of fundamental investing, First Cut can help you evaluate stocks and learn how other investors feel about a particular company.

How to Invest in Stock and Become a More Confident Investor

Since 1951, BetterInvesting has helped over 5 million people become better, more informed investors. We help our members invest in stocks through educational webinars, web-based mutual fund and stock tools, in-person learning events, publications, an active online community and software.

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Whether you're just getting started in stock investing, or already consider yourself to be an experienced investor. BetterInvesting's tools and resources make it easy to invest in stocks online.

Betterinvesting shows you how you can invest online using our proven, time-tested methodology and comprehensive tools for stock and mutual fund analysis. IIn short, we help you invest in quality growth stocks.

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