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Dear Fellow Investor,

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of BetterInvesting welcomes you as a member of BetterInvesting. You are automatically a member of your local BI chapter, at no extra cost!

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is the local arm of the non-profit BetterInvesting.

The SF Bay Area Chapter is one of over 70 local chapters chartered by the National Board of BI and is responsible to it in carrying out the mission of BetterInvesting; to provide investment education for local investors, to help them learn the BI investment principles and tools, and to assist investment clubs with management and accounting. We accomplish this goal with investment educational seminars, workshops, and club visits.

If you are new to BetterInvesting the most popular class for beginners is The Stock Selection Guide (SSG) class. It is the basis upon which the rest of our classes are developed. Beginning SSG classes are available online as well as live classes the chapter puts on. We highly recommended this class for new BI members who want to get started on the right track.

Visit the BetterInvesting website at www.betterinvesting.org where you will find a host of resources and information. You can join a Chat List, where knowledgeable BI members across the country discuss the latest investment topics.

Each Chapter is intended to be self-supporting so we charge minimal fees for most programs to cover copying, room expenses, equipment and director training. There are a number of resources which are on the BI web site. You can also reach the San Francisco Bay Area’s web site to see upcoming events and other chapter information by logging onto the BetterInvesting site and clicking on Chapter then My Chapter.

The directors of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter BI are volunteers who are dedicated to helping novices, as well as seasoned investors become confident in the investing world. We always welcome new volunteers to work with us so that we may expand our programs. Training is provided.

Get to know your Chapter’s Directors and our many volunteers. We are all here to help you become better investors! It doesn’t matter if you are in a club, looking for a club, or happy as an individual investor. The SF Bay Area Chapter Directors are here for you.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or to answer questions.

Once again, welcome and we hope to hear from you soon.

Vivian Thomas
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter – K23

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