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In an effort to better serve the local BetterInvesting Membership, the Delaware Blue Hen Chapter of BetterInvesting is offering its classes directly to investment clubs. Why would this be of value to you and your club?


  • Everyone trained to the same level at the same time. No more difficulty trying to explain a new topic to the rest of the club. Let the trainers do it.

  • Education is typically a charter of and BetterInvesting Investment Club and what better topics for education, than the uses of the BetterInvesting tools.

  • Learn with your friends. Don't fear asking that question with strangers.

  • Class speed can be tailored to your clubs progress. Spend more time in areas where you have questions.

  • A schedule that fits yours.

The following classes are being offered:


  • How to Read the Value Line: 1 - 2 hour session - $20/person ($120 minimum)

  • Investment Terminology: 1 - 2 hour session - $20/person ($120 minimum)

  • Manual Stock Selection Guide: 3 - 2.5 hour sessions - $35/person ($210 minimum)

  • Using the Computer for a Stock Selection Guide: 3 - 2.5 hour sessions - $40/person ($210 minimum)

  • Mutual Fund Comparison Guide: 1 - 2.5 hour sessions - $20/person ($120 minimum)

  • Portfolio Management Guide - PMG: 1- 2.5 hour sessions - $20/person ($120 minimum)

  • Portfolio Evaluation & Review Technique - PERT: 2 - 2.5 hour sessions - $35/person ($210 minimum)

Location: Two options:

  • Club schedules location
  • DBHC site - Fee to be charged to the club

  • Note: Mileage will be charged for the instructors if outside of Delaware or below the canal. If your club is interested, please contact John Kalmer at 302-738-5136 or Mark Fundakowski at 302-834-9267.

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