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Delaware Earners & Learners Investment Club (DELIC) is a Model Investment Club sponsored by the Delaware Blue Hen Chapter of BetterInvesting. We were formed in November 1998 and currently have 8 members.

This is an actual operating investment club open to anyone to join or observe. The goal is to educate members and guests on the structure and operation of an investment club through real life experiences. Members of the club are required to use BetterInvesting principles and tools in the analysis of stocks for investment.

We meet monthly on the 2nd Monday of the month in the Newark Area (Currently Newark Senior Center).  Please check current time and location under Model Club in Upcoming Events.  

If you have interest in joining the Model Club, you need to attend two meetings of the club to be eligible. If you have questions, please contact: Lou Masci, E-mail: LMasci99@yahoo.com or Mark Fundakowski, (302) 834-9267, E-mail: markfundo@aol.com

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