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The D.C. Regional Chapter of BetterInvesting established the Model Investment Club to provide both new and experienced investors with a forum to discuss stock investments and portfolio management. There is no monetary contribution, as the portfolio is "virtual."

Model Investment Club Meetings

The Model Investment Club operates both online and at periodic meetings, at area libraries and at monthly chapter board meetings. Anyone can participate online or attend any of the Model Investment Club meetings. We will have a meeting in conjunction with the September Open House, and also in October at Tysons-Pimmitt Library. For more information, visit the Model Investment Club website.

The Model Investment Club follows  BetterInvesting   principles, which include these four guidelines when investing:

  • Invest a set amount regularly, once a month over your lifetime, regardless of market conditions.
  • Reinvest all dividends and capital gains for compound growth.
  • Buy growth stocks - companies with sales and earnings that are increasing at a rate faster than industry.
  • Diversify your portfolio - invest in different industries and different size companies.

BetterInvesting (NAIC) is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization whose membership consists of investment clubs and individual investors. The DC Regional Chapter is an all volunteer group, dedicated to investor education.

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