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Are you interested in having a class held for your club - Where and When you want it? The class will be tailored to your club's needs.

Contact a Chapter Director in your area or Chapter Contacts listed below to discuss your needs and make the arrangements.

Chapter will provide:
  • Instructor
  • All equipment (computer, projector)
  • Handouts

Club Responsibility:
  • Work with Chapter to set time and date
  • Arrange for the location
  • Provide a projection screen, if required
  • Register folks and collect fees

Chapter fees to cover costs are dependent upon the length of the session, cost of facility, and instructor travel.

You may find that other clubs in your area would like to join you in this venture.

Chapter Contacts:

  • Brevard:  Roger Cannon, 321-757-3551, 

  • Citrus County:  Steve Johnson, 352-527-1491, 

  • Orlando:  Marcelle Hobbs, 407-629-1972, 

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