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Using the Free Classes for your Club’s Education

Each month the Central Iowa Chapter will post a new free class on their website that your club can use for the education part of their meeting. These classes will be 15 to 20 minutes in length and will focus on one part of the Stock Selection Guide or another piece of investing knowledge that will benefit your club.

If you decide to use a class for education, we suggest you encourage all the club members to go to

On the Central Iowa Chapter’s home page, click on the name of the class which will be in the Free Education Section and print off a copy of the class to bring to the meeting.

As Education Chair you may want to view and print off a copy of the Instructor Notes. To do this go to the Articles Section on the Home Page and select the pdf file with the same name as the class. These notes provide additional information to share with your club.

If your club has access to a computer and LCD at their meeting you can view the class together.

If your club does not have access to a computer and LCD you can use the Instructor Notes along with copies of the presentation to lead a discussion.

If you have questions or suggestions for future classes, contact Gretchen Hurt at

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