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Check out this list of useful financial web sites.  Whether you want to learn more about an investing topic, such as the Stock Selection Guide, or you are researching a company, this list will guide you to a good resource. 

Just open or save the file (see Files box to the right) to view the list of useful web sites.  To Open the file, click on the file name.  To Save the file right-click on file name, then select "Save Target As..." from the menu to save the file to your computer.  All the Internet links are "live" in the document, so just click on the URL and you will go directly to the web site.  No typing required!

Print out a copy of the list to share at your next club meeting.  Or, better yet, email a link to this article so all your members can get their own file with the activated links.

This list was originally presented by me, Ann Cuneaz, at the 2005 Southeastern Michigan Annual Meeting.  If you have any Internet links that you find useful, that I have not included, I'd love to hear about them.  Email me at anncuneaz@hotmail.com.


Ann's Favorite Financial Web Sites

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