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In the Files box, down the right of this page, are a number of links to files used by the Southeastern Michigan BetterInvesting Model Club. Feel free to take a look!

The SEM BetterInvesting Model Club generally meets on the third Saturday of every month, from 10am - noon.  Be sure to check our website for the latest update.  Meetings take place at the BetterInvesting Headquarters Building, 711 W. 13 Mile Rd., Madison Heights, MI.

Meetings are free for observers, so come and check it out!

Best regards,
Curt Cormier
Presiding Partner, SEM BetterInvesting Model Club
E-mail: michigan-se-modelclub@lists.betterinvesting.net

MC - Partnership Agreement
MC - Operating Procedures
MC - Prospective Member Application Form
MC - Member Withdrawal Form - Complete
MC - Member Withdrawal Form - Partial

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