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    • This combination of key strokes will shift the current Fiscal Year backwards in time. By moving backwards, you can see how well (or poorly) the trailing twelve months quarterly data has tracked your estimated future growth rates and the time you bought a stock.
    • With company SSG open, click "adjust graph" on the SSG toolbar (you can also click in any open area of the page one graph to reach the same visual analysis screen).
    • Click "Start Projection" on the toolbar and make sure it is set (or reset) to "Last Annual Data".
    • Enter your original EPS growth rate estimate in the judgment box at the bottom of page one.
    • Close Visual Analysis screen.
    • Open PERT-A for the company, then close page.
    • Return to page one of the SSG.
    • Click "Alt+Shift+Y" combination of key strokes as many times as necessary to get the year of company purchase showing on the bolded verticle line on the graph.
    • The actual performance of the stock will appear alongside your original growth projection line.

To see this technique demonstrated, attend one of the monthly stock studies held the fourth Monday of each month at the Center of Clayton, 7:00 pm.

Written by Candace Baker with editing by Bill Biedenstein

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