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ยท        Formulas

PE Ratio = Price / Earnings

Return on equity they earn ______ on every $ of equity = earnings per share / stockholders equity

DPS = dividends per share (yearly)

Dividend yield = dividends per share / stock price

Dividend pay out ratio = dividends per share / earnings per share

Total return = (ending price + div. income received / beginning price) - 1

Earnings per share = current (last 12 months)

Earnings per share = earnings available to shareholders / # shares outstanding

Earnings per share growth = return on equity x (1-Pay out ratio)

Pay out ratio =  dividends per share / earnings per share

Net working capital = current assets - current liabilities

Profit margin = net income / net sales

Turn over = net sales / total assets

Leverage = total assets / current earnings

For every sales dollar, they earn___________ = net income / net sales

For every dollar they invested they got ________ worth of sales = net sales / total assets


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