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SJCBI is excited to offer GO TO MEETING CLASSES (GTM), available to allow anyone in the far reaches of Southern New Jersey. You can sit by your computer with a cup of coffee and participate in the class. You will not have any travel cost or travel time. What you will need is a computer, access to a high-speed internet connection. You will need loud speakerswith your computer; and to be able to talk during the class you will need a microphone. By registering one day ahead of the class and providing your name and Email address, you will receive an invitation to join the class. Then simply by following the directions in "Join the Class" Email invitation you can attend the meeting. Stock Studies are being offered in December and January to introduce this new distant learning opportunity. You will be able to buy single classes or Packages of classes. All packages require a
notification of which class you choose to attend.

12/6/08 & 1/17/09 Stock Study
Go to Meeting: learn how to access GTM from you computer and attend the meeting from your home or any location with a high speed internet
connection. To choose this option with these free classes, send your name and Email address at least 24 hrs before the class to You will receive an invitation to join the Stock Study, via Email at least 4 hr before the class begins. Follow the instruction on the invitation. Begin you connection 15 minutes
before the class starts.

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John Pierce, President

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