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BetterInvesting Northeast Ohio Chapter -

Seminars on the Move

One of the purposes of the Northeast Ohio Chapter of BetterInvesting is to serve clubs within its region free of charge.  Another purpose is to provide education on a fee basis.

Are you interested in topics such as club accounting, withdrawal  of a member, partnership agreements, enhancing stimulating meetings, encouraging member participation, basic BetterInvesting principles, or just a pep talk?  Free assistance includes e-mail exchange, telephone help, and club visits by BetterInvesting Directors within our ability to serve.

"BetterInvesting Seminars on the Move"  will bring these topics to you:  "Introduction to Investing", "Back to the Basics", "How to Find Quality Growth Stocks", "Learn to do a Quick Stock Analysis", "How to Read and Interpret the SSG", "Weed and Feed Your Portfolio", "When to Sell ... or Not", "Navigating the BetterInvesting Website", "Using the Internet to Improve your Return", "Choosing a Successful Mutual Fund", "The Importance of the Annual Report", "Understanding Data Sources", "Scanning, Prospecting and Screening Quality Stocks", "How to Find Stocks that Go Up", "Doubling Your Money," or "Greed and Fear ... the Market Drivers."  

We will provide your club with speakers.  All you need is to provide a venue where arrangements have been made by you.  Feel free to partner with another club.  A single session topic has a fee of $10 a person paid to the chapter one week in advance, with a minimum total fee of $100. If you have other topics you want discussed, ask and we will try to accommodate you.

Other questions?  Contact Jim Ford (Westside) 216-521-5799, Suzette Cohen (Eastside) 440-449-1078, Louise Gregory (Akron,Canton) 330-666-8513  .

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