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1 Q

What is the Puget Sound Chapter?


The Puget Sound Chapter is the local chapter of BetterInvesting, (previously the National Association of Investors Corporation). BetterInvesting is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster investor education primarily through encouragement of investment clubs and investment education of individual members. BetterInvesting believes in long-term investing and encourages investors to study the fundamentals of a company.

2 Q

What does the Puget Sound Chapter do?


The Puget Sound Chapter puts on many educational events, including core classes on the BetterInvesting methodology and using the Stock Selection Guide, special interest workshops and our annual Investors Education Conference held in November. These events are for the education of individual investors to teach them how to study a company’s fundamentals before making an investment. Directors are also willing to visit your club, to assist you with any club problems and answer questions.

3 Q

How do I find a club in my area? Can you give me the name of a club or chapter members in my area?


Due to IRS & SEC regulations, we are unable to give out names of clubs, their locations or members. Therefore, we cannot put potential members directly in touch with clubs. There is a program, Visit-A-Club, that lists by location clubs that are looking for new members.

At all our events, we encourage attendees who are looking for clubs to talk to others to see if their club has any opening for members. At the beginning of each of our activities we normally ask if there is anyone looking for a club or clubs looking for members. If so, we suggest they get together later.

Also, at our annual Investors Education Conference, there is a bulletin board where members can list their club and individuals looking for clubs can post a message. You might also check bulletin boards at your local libraries, community or senior centers as many clubs will post information about their clubs there. Ask family, friends and co-workers if they are interested in joining your club.

4 Q

How do I start an investment club?


Many of our directors are happy to help you start a new club. You can call our hotline at 206-935-0861, or send an email to for more information.

5 Q

Will board members come to our club to help us?


Yes. Most board members are very willing to come to your club meeting to help and answer specific questions. Remember all board members are volunteers, so try to find a board member who is close to where you meet and, if necessary, change your meeting date to help accommodate their schedules. If the one you contact can’t arrange a visit, they'll put you in touch with another board member who'll be glad to come and help you out.

6 Q

Do I have to be a member to attend classes and other events?


While we feel BetterInvesting membership is valuable, we also realize that some people may wish to "sample" what we have to offer before joining. So at this time, you don't have to be a registered member to attend any of our events; there may be a slightly higher charge for non-members.

7 Q

How can I find out about BetterInvesting events in my area?


If you are already a BetterInvesting member, you will receive our regular email and print newsletters, Puget Soundings, with a complete listing of in-person and online events, Special Interest Workshops and stock analysis classes. Our events are also posted on this website.

8 Q

How do I get on the Puget Soundings newsletter mailing list?


You are automatically added to our mailing list when you or your club signs up for membership with BetterInvesting. We receive a chapter mailing list from headquarters that is used to do our mailing. Copies of our newsletters in PDF format are available on this website. If you do not receive our newsletter, contact the Home Office at to verify your mailing information is correct. Include your membership number in any correspondence with the Home Office.

9 Q

I've recently moved or changed my mailing address. Who do I contact to change my mailing address for BetterInvesting magazine and Puget Soundings?


You can update your address by logging into and using “Update Profile.” All mailing address data is maintained by the staff at BetterInvesting Home Office in Michigan. There is no way for us at the chapter level to change your information. However, you can either call the Home Office headquarters at 1-877-ASK NAIC (1-877-275-6242) or email them at or write to them at P.O. Box 220, Royal Oak, MI 48068 to update your mailing address. Please have your BetterInvesting member number handy when you call or include it in your correspondence if you write.

10 Q

I don't remember my membership number. Where can I find it?


Directly above your name on the BetterInvesting magazine mailing label you will find two series of numbers separated by a dash. Your membership number is the second set of numbers, following the dash.

11 Q

Do you have training on use of the SSG tools or other software?


We do not currently offer tool specific training We usually have one or more classes at our Investors Education Conference that addresses tool usage. You can also request tool/software training as the topic of a club visit.

BetterInvesting has a suite of web-based online tools that include the online SSG tools, CoreSSG and SSGPlus. You can find recorded webinar training session on the online tools at

12 Q

Where else can I go to find out more about what BetterInvesting does or answers to other questions about BetterInvesting?


BetterInvesting offers many free online webinars to introduce our membership benefits or to introduce our investing methodology. Look for them on the home page of There is an “Open House” website for you to sample our tools; visit

Feel free to contact BetterInvesting Member Services with any questions at 1-877-275-6242 or email them at

13 Q

I would like to volunteer with the Puget Sound Chapter. What do I need to do?


We are always looking for volunteers and welcome the opportunity to discuss how you might contribute to our organization. Contact us at or any chapter board member and they will discuss volunteer opportunities, explain how we operate and answer any questions. Or call 206-935-0861 and leave a message indicating your interest in helping our chapter.

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