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The Board of Directors of the OKI Tri-State Chapter is composed of volunteers. Our mission is to provide BetterInvesting investment education for investment clubs and individuals. We do this in a variety of ways.


This is our major activity. The OKI Chapter holds many low cost classes thoughout the year on investing using the BetterInvesting tools. We believe in taking a long-term fundamental approach to investing. Our goal is to help people learn about investing so that they will do a better job building their wealth whether they invest on their own or work with a financial advisor or a broker. In addition to the classes we also offer seminars on investing during the year.


Our Model Club is a working investment club, investing real money. What makes this club different is that the majority of the members of the club are OKI Board members who have had lots of experience investing in stocks as members of other investment clubs. They know how an investment club should operate and what it takes to make a club successful. New clubs and people considering starting a club find it very helpful to see how an investment club operates. Individuals and long time investors find the stock discussions and education segment valuable.For more information on the Cincinnati Model Investment Club see our article on the Model Club.


Most of the mebers on the OKI Board have had several years of experience as members of investment clubs. These board members are willing to share their wisom, tips and advice on running a successful club with other clubs in our region. There is no charge for a club visit or for a club mentor.

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