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Members standing, left to right: George Brown, Don Hahn, Tom Oakey, Bob Wylly. Seated, left to right: Mike Griffin, Al Crowell and Kit Wylly.

This fascinating Cincinnati area club was formed from a group of retired professionals (engineers in Energy, Environment and Safety) who worked at Procter and Gamble for many years. The original group was slightly larger but is now at seven Partners: one woman and six men. They generally meet once a month at the West Chester Mid Pointe Library.

The group was formed with the goal of “looking forward” and using Peter Lynch’s theory of investing in a business model you “know”. So field trips are often on their agenda. During the month of May they visited the show room for Tesla in Kenwood Towne Centre to get a first-hand look at this amazing electric car. Their field trips are just the start of their research into new technology and consumer discretionary business models. They dive deep into discover the details and present their findings to all members so each can add to the intellectual point and counter-point discussions on a business or marketing model and how it may or may not succeed. All “pros” and “cons” are put forth and add to their knowledge of the equity and their buy-sell decisions. They understand what they own to a highly sophisticated degree which derives from their professional days at P&G.

Members agree: “We don’t look at the numbers, we look at the business models and we look forward to the future. Our investment club is our educational and a intellectual discussion group and we don’t always follow BI investing guidelines since we don’t consider our money in this club portfolio as a major holding.” Researching these businesses keep their wits sharp and their business acumen always on alert for new opportunities.

Their present portfolio is made up almost entirely of Technology and Consumer Discretionary stocks. They have consistently beaten the market for most of their ten years. Last year their return was 59%!

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