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On March 18th, Director Marty Eckerle visited the West/East Investment Club in Lawrenceburg, Indiana to deliver their 25th Anniversary certificate awarded by BetterInvesting. We also presented an Anniversary Cake to help them celebrate their many years together.

One of the things we offer for free during our anniversary celebration visits is a 15-20 minute mini-education class or a brief portfolio review. The West/East Investment Club requested information on picking smaller sized companies in which to invest. Their present portfolio is quite heavy in large size companies and we were glad to offer assistance. Our suggestions included attending the free monthly webinars like BetterInvesting’s TickerTalk and Manifest Investing’s Round Table which is a great source for finding companies that may fit into a portfolio.

The West/East Investment Club has eleven women members and formed in 1984. Eight of the eleven are charter members illustrating the comradeships of this club. The members live in the Cincinnati area and rotate meeting in each other’s home monthly.

The meeting agenda is similar to most clubs in the business aspect. Each member follows and reports on no more than two stocks each month. In addition, using Value Line as well as several of the well-known websites such as MSN Money, one of the members reports on a new company to consider for purchase.

They have an interesting method of education. A member is assigned to read the BetterInvesting magazine from cover to cover and then summarize what she felt were the important articles. This is a good way to vary the educational topics and keep variety in their meetings.

To celebrate their anniversary in their own way, last Christmas, the members gave themselves a present. Each member received $1000 withdrawn from the club funds. Other than payouts to members leaving the club this was the first cash withdraw. The members said it was “fun money!”

Another interesting idea is the club started a stock picking contest amongst themselves. Each member contributed $10 to a pool and was to pick up to three companies with a value of up to $1000. The contest will end next year. This is just another way the West/East Investment Club has fun enjoying each other and by virtually investing in the stock market the members are educating themselves as well.

OKI wishes West/East Investment Club the “best of investing” in the next 25 years and hopes to deliver many more anniversaries certificates and cakes.

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