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Classes To Go [1/16/2018]
 To better accommodate our membership and to broaden club education opportunities, the St. Louis Chapter offers a flexible and convenient innovative program called "Classes To Go".  If you would like to have all of your club members attend classes together, you may want to consider this approach for club education.  It is often very helpful for a large number of your club members to hear the same message at the same time.  Your club sets the time, provides the space and selects a topic from our available choices.  These classes may also be arranged for any small group.

Mark Robertson Presentation, PEG: Can this dog hunt? [1/28/2012]
This is a presentation given by Mark Robertson at BINC and again as a webinar discussing the PEG ratio.

Treasurer Tips [9/24/2009]

St. Louis Area Investment Club Featured on Anderson Cooper 360 [9/24/2009]
This is a reprint of an article written by the home office of BetterInvesting. 

Value Line and Morningstar Reports Free to St. Louis County Residents [8/26/2009]

Toolkit 5 Tip-- Tracking Performance [9/15/2006]


Once you have purchased a company based on your expectations for sales growth and eps growth, how do you track it? Here is the methodology for those who have the software.

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