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Introduction to the Stock Selection Guide (SSG) Series OnDemand

This class is FREE for Club, Core and Plus BI members

This OnDemand course provides instruction to new investors on how to use and complete the Stock Selection Guide (SSG), BetterInvesting’s premier stock analysis tool. The course consists of 5 videos (each 65-90 minutes in length), presentation slides for each video and practice activities and materials.

BetterInvesting’s Online Stock Selection Guide is the tool used throughout the series. The free fully-functional trial version of the online CoreSSG tool may be used by all members and non-members to complete the practice activities and get the most out of the series.

BetterInvesting members may access all class materials, including session videos, on your personalized My Classes page. Students have access to all videos and class materials for 60 days after purchase.

Why Invest in Stocks
Presented by Ken Kavula and Ann Cuneaz
Review Recording (80 min.)
This introductory class discusses the rationale for long-term equity investing, the value of financial freedom and how BetterInvesting principles can be applied to becoming a successful investor. 
Presentation slides 1pp color
Presentation slides 4pp b/w (PDF)
Understanding the Jargon
Presented by Ken Kavula and Ann Cuneaz
View Presentation (84 min.)
Basic concepts and vocabulary needed to study the Stock Selection Guide are introduced.
Presentation slides color 1pp (PDF)
Presentation slides b/w 4pp (PDF)


1 - Selecting the Best Companies (68 min.)

2 - Determining a Fair Price (71 min.)

3 - Estimating Future Growth (68 min.)

4 – Estimating Future P/Es (78 min.)

5 – Review/Q&A Wrap-up

FREE for Club, Core and Plus BI members - Available now in the My Classes section on the BI member website
$15 For all other BI members
$30 for non-members


Introduction to the Stock Selection Guide Series OnDemand

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