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       Student Membership

Only $29/year
(Open to full- or part-time students enrolled in an accredited educational institution.  Proof of enrollment required.)

Student Member Benefits Include:

    • Online Getting Started curriculum - step-by-step instruction covering BetterInvesting's online stock analysis tools
      • Subscription to BetterInvesting e-Magazine (online only)  
        • Local chapter-sponsored support and training
          • Access to investment club learning
            • Access to member-only website content, including stock-study webcasts, pre-selected stock candidates, self-guided investing courses, discussion forums and much more
              • Free stock trades through Folio Investing brokerage.
                • Member discounts on investing books, software and events
                  • Member discounts at OfficeMax® stores nationwide
                    • Discounts on home/auto insurance, travel, wireless phone discounts and more.

                      As a student, you will receive a discounted membership rate based on your enrollment in an accredited educational institution.


                      Please email proof of your eligibility to Member Services at service@betterinvesting.org or fax to 248-583-4880 within the next 30 days.

                      Acceptable documents include:

                      • Dated student ID from the most recent semester or current school year
                      • Course schedule
                      • Registration receipt for the most recent semester
                      • Letter of enrollment on school letterhead
                      • Report card
                      • Membership in Home School Association
                      • Receipt for High School Curriculum
                      • Letter of intent to home school from a state agency

                      If proof of your eligibility is not provided within 30 days, BetterInvesting reserves the right to cancel your membership and refund your purchase.

                      While all membership dues support BetterInvesting's vision to build a nation of individual investors, 50%-100% is designated for the BetterInvesting Magazine subscription and no portion should be considered a charitable contribution.



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