Webinars Offered During Financial Literacy Month

April is National Financial Literacy Month, and nonprofit association BetterInvesting is doing its part by inviting the public to view free webinars at its site about investing in stocks, starting investment clubs and getting personal finances in order.

The Webinar Archives section of the BetterInvesting website includes the following webinars presented by top personal finance and investment management experts, longtime volunteers and home office staff:

The Savage Truth About Money - Personal Finances Beyond the Stock Market
Terry Savage, a nationally recognized expert on personal finance, the economy and the markets, talks about everything from estate planning, life insurance and long-term care to educating your children so that they'll be able to wisely use and continue to grow all the money you intend to leave them.

Yes! We Do Sell Stock!
Scott Horsburgh, CFA and president of the investment management firm Provident Investment Management, shares his insight about what goes into the decision to sell a stock. Although most of us have defined criteria for purchasing a stock, we're less certain about when to sell. In this session Scott examines several scenarios, discusses when selling is appropriate and details the impact selling has on the portfolio. Commonly held myths about selling are dispelled and valid reasons for selling are clarified.

Great Companies: Past, Present and Future
In this session led by Annell Danczyk, CFA, and Eric Vermulm, CFA, of Stack Financial Management, learn what makes a great company, when you should buy it and how risk management is key to the process. Besides a historical overview, learn about specific, actionable investment ideas that can help make your portfolio bulletproof.

Starting an Investment Club
In this two-part series, BetterInvesting volunteers Carol Theine and Ken Kavula present the benefits of starting an investment club, how to get one started, where to find the resources you need to run a successful club and organizing your first club meeting.

Other webinars led by BetterInvesting's home office staff focus on the association's tools and resources. This includes the CoreSSG online tool, which allows investors to study stocks using BetterInvesting's long-term approach based on fundamental analysis.

About BetterInvesting
BetterInvesting is a national nonprofit organization that has been empowering individual investors since 1951. Founded in Detroit, the association (formerly known as National Association of Investors Corporation) was borne out of the conviction that anyone can become a successful long-term investor by following commonsense investing practices. BetterInvesting has helped more than 5 million people become better, more informed investors by providing webinars, in-person events, easy-to-use online tools for analyzing stocks, a monthly magazine and a community of volunteers and like-minded investors. For more information about BetterInvesting, visit its website at www.betterinvesting.org or call toll-free 877-275-6242.
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