Keating Joins Board; Hamm, Wynn, Rendon Retire

The BetterInvesting board of directors is pleased to announce that Philip J. Keating, CFA, has joined the board effective Oct. 1. Phil is a familiar presence to longtime BetterInvesting members. He has served as a volunteer for the association and has been a popular speaker at local and national events. Readers of BetterInvesting Magazine enjoyed the growth stock screen (as well as the growth and income screen) he provided for many years as well. In recognition of his commitment to investor education, he received the Distinguished Service Award from the organization.

Phil, a resident of South Florida since the 1950s, is a portfolio manager with his own firm. He has appeared on CNBC and been quoted by The Wall Street Journal and other national and local publications. In a 2003 article, editor Don Danko wrote this of Phil: "For more than two decades he's been empowering individuals to become successful investors, helping them avoid the errors that thwart wealth building and focus on principles and techniques that support it."

Meanwhile, three board members have stepped down recently. Shanna Rendon joined the board in 2009 from the Rocky Mountain Chapter. She has provided many contributions to the extended BetterInvesting community, including serving on the board's New Member Growth Committee as well as a predecessor committee, as a director on the BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board and as a national volunteer educator who willingly shared her technological and investing expertise with others.

Effective Oct. 1, Beth Hamm and Bob Wynn are departing the board after many years of service. Beth, the daughter of association co-founder George Nicholson, is an enthusiastic champion of the organization and its mission. An active volunteer for the Western Michigan Chapter, Beth also served the BetterInvesting board of directors in several capacities, including as interim chairman as well as chair of the Awards Committee that annually presents the Distinguished Service Award in Investment Education named in honor of her father.

Bob helped lead the organization through difficult times in the mid-2000s, providing a vision that clearly focused on continuing BetterInvesting's mission to provide investment education. He eloquently and passionately articulated BetterInvesting's mission and facilitated many discussions among volunteers, members, the board of directors and staff that enabled these stakeholders to envision a new future for BetterInvesting.

The board welcomes Phil and earnestly thanks Shanna, Beth and Bob for their dedication to the organization.
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