Investment Club Support

The key to your club's future. Is it time for a Club Visit or Workshop? Consider these possibilities:

Club Visits

1 hour, informal customized visits to your club meeting by a Chapter Director. He or she can help answer questions, provide suggestions and /or provide BetterInvesting resources.

Cost: first visit is free


2 hour workshops brought to your investment club meeting. They focus on specific topics such as: "Portfolio Management" and "How to Select the Best Company in an industry."

Cost: $20/person (minimum of 10 attendees required).

Club Workshops: We bring our regularly scheduled, half-day or full-day workshops right into your investment club. You provide the meeting place and we bring the workshop!

Cost: $30/person for half-day; $40/person for full-day;  16 attendees required.

For further information and schedule a visit or workshop, email Arla Crane, at

Download: Visitation Form