Model Investment Club


Membership in MICCI

  • Every member must be active in the Channel Islands Chapter.
  • Every member must contribute at the majority of meetings held each year.
  • Every member will present a stock study at least once per year and be prepared to report on the stocks assigned each month.
  • Every member must contribute at least $30.00 per month toward the investment portfolio.
  • Basic NAIC/BetterInvesting Guidelines are upheld.

A statement from Phyllis Boynton, MICCI Presiding Partner: 

"Our Chapter is very fortunate to have a working model investment club. Not all BetterInvesting chapters have model clubs, let alone an actual working club with money invested and members making monthly contributions. Our club, called Model Investment Club Channel Islands (MICCI), meets once a month. The best part of our club for you is that it is open to visitors. To schedule a visit, contact Jeanette Casserly, a member of MICCI, at or call her at 805-506-7997. Since we are a model club, we use the guidelines BetterInvesting (BI) has put in place. We have bi-laws and a partnership agreement as required by BI. We also use the Stock Selection Guide (SSG) when making buy or sell decisions and for following the stocks we currently own."