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Interested in learning more about what the Channel Islands Chapter board does and how it operates?
Consider joining our chapter board of directors. To learn more, contact us or attend a monthly meeting. 

To be able to continue to offer our education programs, we are seeking several volunteers to serve as active board members and directors on our chapter board. 

As you may know, we opted to discontinue our associated model club, known as "MICCI" (Model Investment Club Channel Islands) at the end of 2021.  In 2022, many of us joined the Rocky Mountain Model Investment Club, and we are delighted to be participating with this fantastic group. We are posting their model club meetings and educational events on our website (see Local Events).

Our chapter continues to serve as part of a coalition with four other California BetterInvesting chapters, to provide  educational events to the public. These events are three-part series that include top notch financial educators.  Attendance at these events has increased each year due to high interest.  Look for advertisements on this website for our 3-day annual events.

We are looking for clubs in our area who are willing to be posted on our website as willing to accept visitors. If interested or if you wish to discuss further, please reach out to our Chapter representative at: