Don't Make These Mistakes in Your Stock Portfolio

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10:00 am - 11:30 am CT
Online Event
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Is your portfolio strategy accidentally on autopilot?  Has greed been driving your behavior?  What are you doing with the overvalued stocks in your portfolio? While it may be impossible to remove human nature and emotions completely from the investment decision-making process, it is possible to understand and control many of the invisible forces that influence how you invest.  Learn to recognize how your fears and misconceptions can lead  you down the wrong path, and how following many of Wall Street's maxims cause you to make "dumb" mistakes.

About the Speaker:
Doug Gerlach is President of IClubcentral Inc., wholly-owned subsidiary of BetterInvesting and makers of tools for investors and investment clubs, including,,,  He is the author of six books,  including "Investment Clubs for Dummies" and the "Armchair Millionaire", and Editor-in-Chief of ICLUBcentral's two market- beating subscription newsletters: the award- winning "Investor Advisory Service" and the "SmallCap Informer".  Doug is a popular speaker at BetterInvesting events online and across the nation.



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