We are looking for volunteers to assist in the Greater Tulsa Area Chapter business.

Come and join a dedicated, fun group of people who share of their time and experience. Whatever your skills, you can help. Along with the camaraderie and learning that volunteering can provide, there is the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped others.

Volunteering is an Exchange, Not a Donation! Benefits to the volunteer can be great. You will further your own education while helping educate others. "When one teaches, two learn". 

We are looking for instructors, but there are other areas you may be interested in. You will develop new and lasting friendships, have new experiences, increase your own personal financial expertise (in NAIC's case), find new interests and feel a genuine pride of accomplishment. 

We will fit your experience to the task and provide mentoring. You will share in our accomplishments. You will make those accomplishments even more rewarding for us as well as for yourself. 

If you have a few hours a month to volunteer, we would love to talk with you. Contact Barbara at contact@tulsa.betterinvesting.net and I will give you the details. 

Areas where we could use some help are:
  • Planning
  • Publicity
  • finding facilities
  • newsletters
  • our database
  • and others