ACM (Achieving Critical Mass) Model Investment Club - November

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6:30 pm - 8:30 pm PT
Northwest Parkinson's Foundation Inland Empire
1420 E Sprague Ave #103
Spokane, Washington 99202
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Cost: Free

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Achieving Critical Mass (ACM) / Inland Empire Chapter
Model Investment Club

You are invited to join the Inland Empire Chapter – Model Investment Club to learn more about how investment clubs operate, and how the club applies the BetterInvesting stock selection methodology to building and managing a profitable stock portfolio. 

Achieving Critical Mass (ACM), the Chapter model club has opened their meetings to the public as a free educational opportunity. Investors at all levels, novice to experienced, interested in learning how to invest or how to form and operate an investment club/partnership are invited to observe how ACM operates, meet their members, and ask questions. In operation for over 20 years, the club invests real money, files real tax returns, and tracks its performance. The model club’s purpose is to demonstrate how to run an investment club using BetterInvesting principles and stock evaluation applications. ACM members include both BetterInvesting Chapter directors and BetterInvesting members.
Members of existing clubs may also be interested in attending to take best practices back to their own club.
Come and join us on Monday November 25th  at 6:30 Pacific time.  Please note that we normally meet on the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 Pacific time.  Holidays falling on the 4th Monday or an occasional  unforeseeable conflict may alter the schedule.  For any scheduling changes or more information about the ACM model investment club email

Model clubs exist to demonstrate club operations, we want you to visit!

Simply want to listen in?  The model club broadcasts its meetings online using GoToWebinar. To attend an ACM/IEC-BI Model Investment club meeting, online, you must first REGISTER. Registration is only required when attending the meeting online.  
Are you new to Go-To-Webinar?  Here are a couple of online resources to help you get connected.
          >  First,   How to Join Classic Webinar Instructions.
          >  The second option is a 4-minute YouTube video titled
                Go-To-Webinar - Attendee QuickStart  

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