Stock Analysis Online Class

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9:00 am - 11:30 am ET
Online meeting via Zoom
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College of Southern Maryland will host our 2021 Fall SSG Online class. This is a two part class. Part one will begin on October 16 and part two will be on October 30. The time for both sessions will be 9-11:30am.  Since this is an online class, there is no travel and you can attend using the internet in the  comfort of your home.

Stock Analysis:

BetterInvesting (TM) will introduce you to a method of selecting companies for investment using the BetterInvesting(TM) Stock Selection Guide (SSG) form of analysis.

Topics include: investment terminology, sources of investment information, as well as understanding and interpreting financial information. Learn about growth portfolio management, diversification, and stock selection criteria to help make informed decisions regarding investments.

SSG analyses for several companies within one industry will be done using the BetterInvesting(TM) SSG Core on-line software. Three companies will be compared using the BetterInvesting(TM) Stock Comparison Guide (SCG). Short term access to trial version of the SSG Core software will be provided to students for use after class. Long term use of the on-line software requires membership in Betterinvesting(TM).

BetterInvesting(TM) is a trademark of the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC).

Class Registration Instructions

  1. Register at the College of Southern Maryland.
  2. Click the green “Register Here” button which will open the “College of Southern Maryland” webpage.
  3. Click the Menu Button and select “Programs and Courses”.
  4. Scroll to Continuing Education located near the bottom of the middle green column and select “Search by Course #”. 
  5. Under “Subjects”, click on the drop-down menu and select “AAA - Academic Adventures for Adults”.
  6. In the “Course #” box, type in 8000.
  7. Click the “Submit” button to open the “Section Selection Results” page.
  8. Review your selection results.  The “Selection Name and Title” should read AAA-8000-76592 (176592) Stock Analysis.
  9. Under “Status” click the  “Click here to register” hyperlink.
  10. Add a “check mark” to the open box under “Add to Cart”.
  11. Click the button “Add select class(es) to cart”.  Click "Submit".
  12.  Review class selection on the “My Shopping Cart” page.  If information is correct, click the “Proceed to check out” button under the “Choose one” table.  Click "Submit".
  13. The “Continuing Education Sign-In” page will open.  Either use the Returning Student Registration log-in or Guest Registration hyperlinks to complete the registration process.

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