North Florida Chapter Annual Meeting - September

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7:00 pm - 8:45 pm ET
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This is the North Florida Chapter's Annual Membership Meeting. All BetterInvesting members are invited to join us for this special program.  At this meeting the chapter membership will be voting for a slate of directors to lead our chapter in the upcoming fiscal year starting 1 October 2022.

The program is currently being developed and will be announced as we get closer to the event.  It will include a report of chapter accomplishments during the year, recognition of clubs celebrating their 5 year anniversaries during 2022, our plans of the upcoming year, election of a board of directors and  an education presentation by a prominent national eductor.

Please come join us and learn more about how you can become a better investor. Again, this Annual Meeting is also open to non-members that you would like to bring with you to share with them what you've learned by being a member. Feel free to pass along this invitation to them. Remember, friends won't let friends retire broke, we help them become better investors. See you there!!

The North Florida Chapter’s Board of Directors exists to support the BetterInvesting clubs in the East/West & Central Florida areas. We offer classes and training, an Investors Education Conference, club visits and more.  The board is constantly seeking ideas on the best ways to serve our existing clubs, start new clubs and generally help out membership become even better investors. We are also looking at ways to spread BI’s incredible investing education to new members, and to continue to make our services and resources relevant, as lifestyles and investing styles change.  If you have any ideas please share them with us.


Have a curiosity to learn about all the planning and execution that is involved in providing quality stock investing education and training to the BetterInvesting membership.  These meetings are open to all.

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