Doug Gerlach - Back By Popular Demand

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10:00 am - 12:00 pm ET
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    Doug Gerlach 
    Back By Popular Demand!

Online Session 1
“Sell Indicators on the Stock Selection Guide”

Selling a stock is much more difficult than buying! We all have an understanding about how to buy a
high-quality, growth stock at a fair price. But do we know when to sell? Learn how to interpret the
SSG indicators that suggest when it may be time to sell. Learn Doug’s “Four Strikes & You Are Out!”

Online Session 2
“Dividend Analysis for the Growth Stock Investor”

The two keys to successful growth stock investing that the award-winning, Investor Advisory Service
uses are: Buy using low P/E’s in SSG Section 4, with a strong Total Return in the SSG Results
Summary in Section 5.

What you will learn in this class is that dividends can add to your total returns! Many investors
appreciate the additional safety or income provided by dividend yield. Learn about concepts such as
yield, the payout ratio and the importance of balancing income and capital appreciation in your stock

About Our Speaker:
Doug Gerlach is Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning Investor Advisory Service (IAS) newsletter,
Editor and Founder of the market-beating SmallCap Informer (SCI) newsletter, and President of
ICLUBcentral Inc.

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