NW Ohio Virtual Model Investment Club Dec 3

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7:00 pm - 8:30 pm ET
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Cost: Free to visitors


This is the second session of the NW Ohio Virtual Model Investment Club.  We will be starting with the first five classes at two week intervals to bring new members up to speed.   Additional classes November 5 and 19, and December 3.  The college will charge a $10 fee for the series of five classes.  Visitors are welcome without charge.  After the first five meetings there will be no charge, and the schedule will be modified to once a month.  

The Virtual in our name means we will be dealing with "on paper only" cash and investments.  We will operate as a normal club evaluating stocks, making purchase and sales decisions, giving monthly accounting statements, etc.  A major facet of the club will be education.


An interest in learning stock investing.

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