Dayton Model Investment Club (DayMIC) - December

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7:00 pm - 9:00 pm ET
Cost: Free and open to the Public


All Dayton Model Investment Club (DayMIC) meetings are free and open to the public. Visitors are welcome to join in the discussions, but may not participate in the decision-making activities of the club.

Guests may attend the meetings via webinar here. We will resume face-to-face meetings as soon as we are able.  Online access will continue to be available as well. 

Investment portfolios are maintained by the club.  Each Partner owns a share of the total portfolio value, based on the Partner’s total number of valuation units purchased (see Accounting section of our OKI Model Club Brochure. BetterInvesting™ and the Model Clubs are oriented toward identifying stocks of companies with a proven history of growth and prospects for above-average future growth. The primary tool for this evaluation is the BetterInvesting™ Stock Selection Guide, which is used as an aid for all investment decisions. The Clubs emphasize long-term investment techniques, rather than market-timing and short-term stock trading. A portion of each Club’s portfolio may be in common-stock dividend-reinvestment plans. Because the Clubs attempt to maintain a reasonably diversified portfolio of individual stocks, mutual funds are not likely to be considered for investment.

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