Online Chapter Annual Meeting - All Members - August

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7:30 pm - 8:10 pm ET
Cost: Free

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This is the BetterInvesting's (BI)  Online Chapter (BI OLC) Annual Meeting for the over 3,200 BI members supported by the chapter world-wide. 

We will start with the Annual Business meeting where we will briefly describe who we are, review our accomplishments this year, and our plans for the upcoming year, which starts on 1 October 2021.  The BI OLC membership will also be voting on the 2021-2022 slate of directors that will be joining the chapter’s existing leadership team.  Nominations from the floor for those chapter members who are interested in becoming chapter volunteers, with the potential for joining the chapter’s leadership team in the future, will be accepted.  Upon approval at the next chapter board meeting those interested volunteers will be entered into the chapter’s formal Volunteer Training Program.  All BI members, regardless of their chapter affiliation, are welcome to attend the OLC  business meeting but only Online Chapter member are eligible to vote for the election of directors.  

Our chapter was successful in recruiting a nationally known BI volunteer presenter,  Cy Lynch, from the Georgia Chapter, who will be presenting a topic titled “Reflections of a Lifelong Better Investor.”  Cy is author of the BetterInvesting magazine’s “Growth Stock Outlook” column. He will discuss BetterInvesting’s four principles and the Stock Selection Guide (SSG), sharing how his application of these has evolved over nearly 40 years of becoming a better investor.   

Because of Cy’s popularity and reputation for excellence in investor education our chapter has opened up his presentation to the full BetterInvesting membership.  To better reach out to all of our members BI has graciously agreed to use their monthly StockUp program as the venue to manage all the enrollments.  

This means you will have to fill out two registrations.  The first, for the  Annual Business Meeting, is accomplished by clicking on the Registration button above.  Next, click on  StockUp/OLC Annual Meeting to register for the education event

​Yes, this is an event you won’t want to miss and, with all the registration channels available, it will be hard to miss.


Membership in the BI Online Chapter (OLC).   Non-BI Online Chapter members are welcome to attend and observe but are not eligible to either volunteer for services on the board or vote on elections to the board.  The following is provided for general information on service with the Online Chapter as a volunteer.

Chapter Volunteer
A member formally begins volunteering for a BI chapter as a Chapter Volunteer.  The person can be appointed or informally voted in at any board meeting.  The person signs the Standard of Conduct and is listed on the Chapter Roster as a Volunteer.  The person should be identifying what they are interested in doing as a chapter volunteer to support our membership.  

Assoc Director (non-voting) 
A Volunteer can be promoted to Associate Director at any board meeting.  This should correspond with the person being involved in one or more areas of volunteering for the chapter.  The person should remain an Assoc Director for 1 year min. (can include the Volunteer time).

Full Voting Director
Directors are formally voted on at the Chapter Annual Meeting.  New and renewing.  Director Term is 3 years.
An Assoc Director should be doing a substantial job on the board to be eligible for recommendation to become a full Director.  This involves a serious commitment to the chapter.  

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