Online Chapter Member Mentoring Workshop - November

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8:30 pm - 9:30 pm ET
Cost: Free


Chapter Mentoring Workshop 


The Online Chapter of BetterInvesting offers a Mentoring Workshop for all our Investment Clubs and Individual Members on the 3rd  Wednesday of odd-numbered months (eg, January, March, May ....) at 8:30 PM ET (7:30 pm CT, 6:30 pm MT, 5:30 pm PT and 1:30 am GMT on the following day) via this Zoom  link.  The workshop will open with a topic suggested by the chapter members at prior workshops.  You can add your ideas by taking this  short survey  

The workshop concept allows for audience interaction though "open mic" dialogue that allows more meaningful discussions on the topics and the opportunity to actually carry on a two-way conversation.  To the extent possible, we are trying to provide a personal, one-to-one mentoring experience.

To truly make this workshop a success for you, we need your help.  We need to better understand what knowledge you believe you need to be a successful stock investor.  What support do you want, and expect, from your Online Chapter?  What are your ideas, topics, concerns and what knowledge do you think would make you a better investor?   So, please, take a moment and take this  short survey  We’ll use your feedback to both create new webinars and interactive workshops, and to make it easy to find the wide variety of high quality stock investing programs that are already available live and in the archives.

At the appropriate time, depending on your time zone, please click on this Zoom  link and join us.  We look forward to meeting you.


Just bring a desire to learn more about fundamental stock investing the BetterInvesting way.

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