Puget Sound Investors Education Conference

11/09/2021 - 11/18/2021
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our annual Investors Education Conference will be held online. You will be registered for all six classes, just sign-on for the class(es) you want to attend.  Sessions will be recorded.

Bob Adams
Technical Tools for the Fundamental Investor
November 9, Tuesday, 7-8 pm

Fundamental investors can use technical analysis to their advantage. Learn how to protect
your profits and gain insight into the “attitude” of the market and your company. Discover
how to measure and use the price volatility to help make decisions, how to set a five-year
low price, as well as how to obtain confirmation when the price is getting “frothy”—and
what to do about it. Bob will also point out a couple of bonus items.

Ronald Bruyn
Discounted Cash Flow
November 11, Thursday, 7-8 pm

Without knowing what a stock is worth, how can you know how much you should pay for it?
This presentation will walk you through the steps of how to estimate the intrinsic value of a
business. For investing to be reliably successful, an accurate estimate of intrinsic value is the
indispensable starting point. Without it, any hope for consistent success as an investor is just
that: hope. Having an intrinsic value, or margin of safety estimate, keeps you focused on the
value of the business, rather than the price of the stock – and that is what you want, because
as an investor, you are buying a small piece of a business.

Cyrell Lynch
Centering Your Stock, Portfolio Management
November 13, Saturday, 9-10 am

While analyzing and selecting stocks are vital parts of successful investing, they are just the
beginning. How well you manage your “team” of stock holdings is what ultimately
determines your success. In this class, Cy shows why focusing on the potential impact that a
specific buy, hold or selling decision will have on your overall portfolio is better than just
looking at a single stock in isolation. He’ll then use practical examples to demonstrate how
this portfolio-centered decision-making methodology can simplify your investment
decisions and take emotion out of portfolio management, especially the dreaded decision
to sell.

Christi Powell
Alternative Investments to Lower Downside Risk
November 13, Saturday, 10:30-11:30 am

Learn the basics of some alternative investments designed to lower the downside risk in
your portfolio. We will look at dated bond funds, both taxable and municipal, that diversify
your bond holdings yet free you from much of the bond research. We will look at buffered
exchange-traded funds (ETFs) designed to absorb the first 5-30% of market downturns
during the life of the ETF yet giving you upside growth. Why might you consider these as
opposed to buying individual stocks or stock funds? Let's look at their risks and their

Sanjib Saha
Situational Option Strategies
November 16, Tuesday, 7-8 pm

Options may seem complicated at first and unsuitable for long-term investors, but their
flexibility becomes apparent once you grasp the basic building blocks. With proper
application, options can complement an investment portfolio or approach. Learn how to
design and customize strategies to reflect specific investment objectives for different
situations. Even if you are skeptical about adding this new tool to your investment arsenal,
it wouldn’t hurt to learn that you have options.

Carol Theine
Let’s Talk Club Portfolios & Stocks
November18, Thursday 7-8 pm

Based on portfolio submissions by Puget Sound Chapter clubs, Carol Theine reveals
information on the best 5-year return portfolio, the average club return, top holdings by
clubs, and diversification of portfolios. The second part of the session will be reviewing
SSGs of the more unique, less popular holdings. You may find some interesting investing
opportunities by attending this session.

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