Adding Judgments to Your SSGs

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6:30 pm - 8:00 pm PT
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Do you use the Stock Selection Guide but still feel a little shaky about making the crucial judgments/forecasts required in the tool -- projected sales and earnings, high and low P/E? This 4-class series will help you complete your SSGs with confidence that your projections are sound.

Veteran BetterInvesting instructors Mike Torbenson and Linda Glein will teach this class starting Monday, January 24 and continuing on Mondays and Thursdays through  February 3.

Each session will run from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Sessions will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings after the class is over.

When you register for the class series, you will be given access to a comprehensive guide to the SSG in PDF format. The guide is divided into short chapters, and you will be asked to read one or two chapters before each class. You will also have a chance to practice what you have learned in each class.

Whether you're new to the BetterInvesting methodology and the SSG or you'd just like a refresher on this all-important part of the SSG, this class is for you.


Monday, Jan. 24

  • Chapter 2 Forecasting Growth using Trend Analysis
    • Historical Growth, Analysts’ Forecasts, Company Guidance
  • Chapter 3 Forecasting Growth using Life Cycle Analysis
    • Company Life Cycle, Strategic Growth Plans

Thursday, Jan. 27

  • Chapter 5 Forecasting Growth using Business Modelling
    • Preferred Procedure

Monday, Jan. 31

  • Chapter 6 Evaluating Management
    • Pre-tax Profit, Profit Margin, Debt, Return on Equity (ROE)
  • Chapter 7 Valuation - High & Low P/E
    • P/E Ratio, Components of Return, P/E to Earnings Ratio (PEG), Business Cycle, Estimating high and low P/E

Thursday, Feb. 3

  • Chapter 8 Valuation – Risk & Reward
    • Relative Value (RV), Upside/Downside (U/D) Ratio, Estimating %Payout, Calculating Potential Return


Completed the Introduction to the SSG or similiar class.

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