Ultimate Buy & Hold Portfolio - On Steroids! & IEC Planning Meeting

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9:00 am - 11:30 am PT


Paul Merriman's presentation will include a discussion of the 10 best performing equity asset classes, the impact of combining the best of the 10 into smaller portfolios, offering a list of Best in Class ETFs and mutual funds investors could use to build these portfolios. Paul will also introduce a new custom calculator investors can use to build hypothetical returns of these equity portfolios (combined with different levels of fixed income investments) during the accumulation and distribution stages of life. All guests will have access to a free pdf copy of Paul’s latest book, “We’re Talking Millions! 12 Ways to Supercharge Your Retirement.”

Paul A. Merriman is a financial educator and advisor on mutual funds, index investing, asset allocation and both buy-and-hold and active management strategies. He is founder of Merriman Wealth Management.

Following the presentation we will have a brief business meeting to conclude our Chapter planning for the next fiscal year.

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