Investing Fundamentals – SSG Stock Study & First Cut

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6:30 pm - 7:45 pm PT
Cost: No Charge


Investing Fundamentals – Ready to Roll Again  

November 9, 10 and 14

 BetterInvesting California Chapters have joined to create this 3-part virtual investor event.
We did it last year!  We’re doing it again!

Round 2: No Charge         
Round 3: $10

Submit Your BetterInvesting California Club’s Portfolio by October 22 for possible review
by Scott Horsburgh  (see Round 3)

Round 2: SSG Stock Study of Lockheed Martin (LMT) – Wednesday, November 10, 6:30 to 7:45 pm, PST,
No Charge

This stock study of Lockheed Martin (LMT) uses the online SSGPLUS software and audience participation to analyze the stock and complete a First Cut submission.  LMT is a large-size company and the largest defense contractor globally. It has dominated the western market for high-end fighter aircraft since 2001.  We will poll the audience to complete the four SSG judgment sections and record our findings on the First Cut form. After the class, the instructors will submit the First Cut for possible publication on the BI website.  LMH is featured In the October issue of BetterInvesting Magazine (p. 21) and is covered by the Value Line Investment Survey. 
Looking to the Future, make the commitment to attend our November 14 event, too. 

Round 3: A California Club Portfolio Repair Shop – Sunday, November 14, 4:00 – 5:15 pm, PST, $10     
Attend a live “Repair Shop” conducted by Scott Horsburgh, a co-author of BetterInvesting Magazine’s very popular “Repair Shop” feature, which we all read every month for insights about our club portfolios.  Here’s your opportunity for live interaction with an expert.  Scott will evaluate a club portfolio, highlight its strengths, explain his suggestions for potential improved performance and answer your questions directly.  He will choose a portfolio to review from among those submitted to  by October 22.  If your club would like to participate, ask your club president to send in your portfolio with a brief narrative about the club, plus a contact name and email address.  We will forward all club portfolios and information to Scott.  Don’t forget to register for the Round 3 on November 14th and profit from the live Repair Shop!

We look forward to seeing you at our 3-part fall event!


These classes are appropriate for all investors or those wanting to learn about investing.

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