Stock Portfolio Analysis

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7:00 pm - 8:00 pm PT
Cost: Free


Learn how to link your stock watchers’ SSGs to your club’s myICLUB accounting software for a variety of new portfolio reports and graphs that every member can access, not just the treasurer.   There are many new features.  Compare your portfolio to Vanguard benchmarks.  See your portfolio’s overall yield and how much it earns in annual dividends.  Get a quick summary of how fast stock watchers are predicting their stocks will grow.  Enable each stock watcher to generate an automated report summarizing their stock’s quality, projected growth, valuation and contribution to the portfolio.   In addition to these and other enhancements, myICLUB makes the SSG standard portfolio reports available, including size and sector diversification and offense, defense and trend reports.  
Join us for a very interesting presentation by Russell Malley.  You know him!  He writes the club accounting column in BetterInvesting Magazine and may have helped your treasurer at one time or another.  Don’t let your treasurer be the only one to profit from all the new features!



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